Recreating Fine Historically Correct Flintlock Firearms Since 1980
    Even at an young age I have had an interest in guns,history and art.Since the early flintlock firearms of Colonial America and Europe consists all of these things,I guess that it was only natural that I would be drawn to  both the study  and desire to learn the skills in working in wood,metal and art to recreate them.My aim is to produce the most authentic reproduction of these graceful firearms as possible by giving close attention to  details like the fit of metal to wood,finish,decoration and architecture.
       Being a custom shop,I will build the gun to any level of finish that the customer wants.Anywhere from looking new to aging it to give it the look and feel of an old antique by distressing the stock and metal.The way that I prefer to build a gun is to make it look and feel like it has been used but well taken care of and in the manner that it would have been done in the 18 th century.I do this by scraping and burnishing the stock to give  the wood the look and feel that an old original has.Scraping the wood not only make the curl  stand out more after staining,but it will also let you feel the ripples of  the curl.Then I will darken the stock around the carving to high light it and to show age that occurs from oxidation.I will also treat the iron and brass parts slightly to give them a patina also.
     There isn`t any particular school or style that I prefer to build.All of them have their own appeal and I enjoy the varity that each has to offer whether it be Pennsylvania, Virginia,Maryland, or North Carolina.I would be interested in any ideas or suggestions that you might have.
     I use only the best parts available and make sure that they are correct for the style of gun that is being made .I make my own parts when possible like the patchboxes,ramrod pipes,triggers(including set triggers),side plates,nosecaps,etc to insure that they are period and stylistcally correct.I assemble all of the locks that I use so that I have the ability to customize each one and to produce a truly unique one of a kind piece.
     Each gun that I build is done to the highest standard possible in authenticity,finish and function,whether it is a plain Poorboy or a highly adorned piece from the Golden Age Era.Working with the customer is very important to me so that I can be sure that their wants and needs are met and that they will have gun to enjoy and are proud to own.
     I am a  member of the NMLRA,NRA and Charter member of  the CLA.