Recreating Fine Historically Correct Flintlock Firearms Since 1980
    I have made a picture tutorial of the order that I use in building a rifle.I know that everyone has their own method,but this is the way that I have done it for 30 plus years and it has worked well for me.Unfortunately because of space,I can`t show every detail,but maybe it will help to understand the order that are used.

All of the parts to be used.
 The sides are cut down to just
Over the finished width.
The fence of the lock is inletted
And outline is drawn.
Plate and internal parts inletted.
Main spring is inletted last.
Lock completely installed.
Sideplate being sawed out.
Sideplate installed with lock bolts.
Set triggers made and ready to be
After the touch hole is located,
The barrel,lugs and pins have been
Installed.The profile has been sawed